Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lotsa Stuff Happening...

Heyo, Kawaii Fans! Yuuki here, and you know what time it is! Kawaii cheer time! So, I am very sorry I have not blogged in a long time, but recently I started school, (7th grade already!) So, I haven't had time to use the PC much! But today is a good day, and I am going to talk about ALOT of stuff, and I mean ALOT! So, first story! My friend, M-Kun, recently came back from a long trip to Japan, and he brought me many nice goodies!
Thank you very much, M-Kun! So, first he brought me some snacks:

Chip-like crackers; Pizza flavour, and cheese-flavoured!

And, he also brought me Iwako erasers, all the 
way from Japan!!

Rice and fish seaweed wrap

Udon..I thinks...

Vanilla cream biscuit


Parrot...I THINK..


Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Donut

Chocolate Donut

And he also brought me some Jewelpet comics!

Also, this Jewelpet Scratch and Read thingy!

And I know this isn`t Jewelpet-related, but 
this is a Japanese tissue holder! that`s the first story! Now for the second story,
I recently got some new memo pad kawaii! Here they 
all are..

Here are my favourites:

Yup that`s all the memo sheets! And here`s something else!
A few weeks ago I got some stickers! I couldn`t believe my
eyes when I found...
...Shugo Chara stickers! Oh my god, I almost
fainted when I saw these, I just HAD to buy one!
Here are some pictures of the stickers inside:

So kawaii!

And here`s the second sheet of stickers I bought:
Some Crux Japan Stickers!
But they were bootlegs..But I didn`t really care,
I bought some anyways!

Now, the third story! I went last week to the 
supermarket and you wouldn`t believe what I found..


Mmmmm...I had to buy some, they were making me hungry!
Of course they are already gone now...(Hehehe...)

And the last stories,  First I recently kawaii-fied
my Nintendo DS, not really good..but I tried! Tell me what 
you think:
If you can`t really see, I added a Shugo Chara 
sticker in the middle, and some Kamio Japan stckers
on either side.

Yup, that`s my DS!

Now the other story, I just found out there is an anime store,
here in my community! (Which I thought would be impossible..)
It`s called Anime on Request, and It is the biggest anime store in 
the whole Niagara Area! I might be visiting it soon, I heard they have
a nice variety of Figmas, alongside other anime products! *squeals*
I just can't wait! 
Yup so that's it!
And here is some videos for you anime/kawaii fans might enjoy
called MaNa's style, and I can't wait to go to Japan and visit this store,
they have so much kawaii stuff!



My Favourite episode, anime stuff EVERYWHERE!


#74 Cosplay section!

#75 Kawaii~

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Until next time everyone,

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Super Duper Hello Kitty Giveaway!

Ohayogozaimasu, my dear tomodachis! It's Yuuki! So, I was surfing the web, (mostly for anime and sanrio goodies), when I found out about this A-mazing Hello Kitty giveaway! It was at this blog called Lipgloss Love Affair, and it looked really cute, so I started looking around, and at the corner of my eye was..(you guessed it)
"The Super Duper Hello Kitty Giveaway!" Ohhh... how I jumped around to see all of that stuff being given away, for free! I just had to enter, and I also just had to tell you guys! There is so much stuff to be won, here is a picture of all the things:
Yup, that's it! All you have to do is fill out an entry form, and cross your fingers, and hope to win!
Haha...well, here's the link to the page! I really hope I win...XD..
Enjoy! (n-n)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer is here!!

Hey everyone! Long time, no talk, eh? Well, I hope you all are having an amazing summer! Well, I am having the best summer ever!! Firstly, my report card was all A's and A+'s! And every time I get a good report card, my parents reward me! So this time I picked to buy a new manga book! It's really kawaii, and it's called Chocomimi! I got volume 4, and here's a picture of the book:
Yup! It's really cute, and I am really more like mimi! It's such a kawaii manga, and I am going to try to get all the other volumes! Oh, and for all you kawaii fans out there, I have a surprise for you all! It's a little gift for you guys, a "Happy Summer" gift! It's a magazine that is called Pafé magazine, that is made for girls and girls only! I got some of the pages, (Not all!) to put up here! It's for you guys to print out and use as a real magazine! But it's all in Japanese! But who cares, right? I will put up more later! Hope you enjoy them!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What to do when you eat 5 freezies at the same time? *ughhh*....

Hello, all you kawaii fans!! It's me, your host Yuuki Wasaka! (saka..saka.saka..) Huh? Oh...haha..guess I got carried away! Anyway, if you are asking about the title.., it's sorta a random title, since I am going to talk about different random things! First things first! I am graduating on the 25th of June, from school! (BTW I am graduating from the 6th grade!) And I was allowed to do a speech and a surprise musical act for the entertainment! And so.. I am doing...Hare Hare Yukai English Version!! I know, I know..
"How the heck can you do that?? Why don't you pick something normal? Seriously! sheesh." But I do not care!
I will do what's good for me! 2nd thing is..I finished Lucky Star! (waahhh!) It was really funny!! I loved it, all the way to the very end! I felt like crying, but I was glad to know that Konata could actually graduate to college, after most of her bad marks! And 3rd thing, I am now really into Haruhi Suzumiya! Ever since I bought the book, I love it! I even made my own SOS Brigade! Haha.. oh well..not much to talk about! Oh, I wanted to show you a video I found on Youtube, it's really kawaii! Here it is:
Ahh it's soo cute! The song is Cooking by the Book, by Lazytown Crew! Ohh..I feel  good and hungry!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tamagotchi Time!

Heyo, Kawaii fans! Yuuki here! How are you all? I hope you are all doing well! Anyways, this post is about my...Tamagotchis! Yup, I play with them! I have 3, and I am going to get the new Tama-Go very soon! Here are some pictures of them!
 My V3 Tamagotchi

 My V5 Familitchi Tamagotchi

 My V6 Music Star Tamagotchi!
Yup, those are my tamagotchis! Im still collecting, though! But I can't wait until I get the Tama-Go! Then I will collect all the figures! *squeals!* OH YEAH! Before I forget, last year , I made my own website! It's mostly based on anime and kawaii stuff, like this blog. Click Here to go to the site! Don't forget to leave a comment!