Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moshi Monsters!

Hello again!
In December, I started my own Moshi Monster! It is SO much fun and very addicting!
The pets are VERY cute, and I named mine kuromicinnamon, since I love cinnamaroll and Kuromi!
Here are some scenes from my Moshi Room!

For those of you who already have a moshi monster, I am not a member! I might have a lot of rare items,
but I used codes from different websites, (hee-hee.. I guess it IS cheating!)
Oh well! But I encourage everyone to GO AND MAKE A MOSHI MONSTER RIGHT NOW!

Some new mangas!

Heyo, Kawaii Fans! Yuuki here!
On friday, my local bookstore had a box sale, in which you could fill up a box of any books, for just 30.00 bucks!!! Awesome! Of course, I had to go, I needed some new reads anyway! My dad agreed, and off we
went! Here are the books I got:

Oh yaaaaay!! I have so much manga now! I still haven't read them all yet, though! I cant wait until i'm finished
these, so I can get new ones (n-n)