Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kawaii Kandies!

Konichiwa, Kawaii fans! Yuuki here! A few days ago, me and my mom, sister, and brother, went to the dollar store, to buy my brother a bottle of bubble mix! Well, the dollar store didn't have any, so we went to this party
supply store! We found the bubble mix there, and when we were going to check-out, we found these PEZ candies for sale, there was a whole bunch of them! And they were only for like, 30 cents or something! So then
my mom was like,"Okay, okay, you guys can buy one each..(sigh)" LOL! So I started to dig around for one I would like for myself! I hoped to find a Hello kitty one, and you know what? I found one! (*squeal!*) I almost
screamed when I saw it, I was UBER happy! My sister, on the other hand, is a Tinker-Bell Freak! But she also
likes My Melody too! She was about to buy the Tinker-Bell one, when I saw My Melody's face! I pulled it out, and when my sister saw it, she freaked too! My little Bro, got a Disney Cars one, he really liked it! So we went home, happy! Here are some pictures of the candies me and my sis got!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nyan Koi!

Heyo Kawaii fans! Yuuki-chan here! Recently, I've been watching a new anime! It's soooooo kawaii!
It's called Nyan Koi! It's about a boy named Jyunpei who is allergic to cats, and can understand what they say!
His family cat, Nyamsus, tells him that understanding cats is part of a terrible curse; He will soon turn into a cat himself!!! It's a cute Shojo/comedy/adventure anime! I encourage you to watch it, it's soooo amazing!