Saturday, June 4, 2011

What to do when you eat 5 freezies at the same time? *ughhh*....

Hello, all you kawaii fans!! It's me, your host Yuuki Wasaka! (saka..saka.saka..) Huh? Oh...haha..guess I got carried away! Anyway, if you are asking about the title.., it's sorta a random title, since I am going to talk about different random things! First things first! I am graduating on the 25th of June, from school! (BTW I am graduating from the 6th grade!) And I was allowed to do a speech and a surprise musical act for the entertainment! And so.. I am doing...Hare Hare Yukai English Version!! I know, I know..
"How the heck can you do that?? Why don't you pick something normal? Seriously! sheesh." But I do not care!
I will do what's good for me! 2nd thing is..I finished Lucky Star! (waahhh!) It was really funny!! I loved it, all the way to the very end! I felt like crying, but I was glad to know that Konata could actually graduate to college, after most of her bad marks! And 3rd thing, I am now really into Haruhi Suzumiya! Ever since I bought the book, I love it! I even made my own SOS Brigade! Haha.. oh well..not much to talk about! Oh, I wanted to show you a video I found on Youtube, it's really kawaii! Here it is:
Ahh it's soo cute! The song is Cooking by the Book, by Lazytown Crew! Ohh..I feel  good and hungry!